“Risk, audacity, timing, smart, talented diverse these are some of the words I would use to describe Sean Michael Boozer as a force in the acting field to be reckoned with. His timing and sensitivity to the material plus being able to take direction all come together with Sean and lend themselves to his undeniable talent. He is a natural force to be reckoned with and is a solid improviser in both dramatic and comedic worlds. I have the utmost respect for Sean Michael Boozer and highly recommend him.”

- Lee Ross, Wirter/Producer, DOWNLOADING NANCY, Sundance 2008

"I guess...  you're funny."



“It is a pleasure to share the stage with SMB. He is a very talented giving actor who truly listens to you when working together.  He is hilarious and I look forward to performing with him again!”

-Matt Corboy, Actor, DESCENDENTS

"It was a pleasure working with Sean Michael on my first film project after moving to LA. He had some great ideas and really energized the planning and writing sessions. His on camera work was equally brilliant and very funny."

- Carlos Garza, Film Composer, NOSFERATU


"He was a pleasure to direct, having extremely good instincts and an amazing improvisational talent. I'm looking forward to working on future projects with him."

 - Kai Ephron, Director, BENJAMIN TROUBLES


“… he is always alert and attentive to the process of film making as a whole.  Sean's talent as a multifaceted actor makes everyone's job more enjoyable…He understands that for the outcome to be great everyone needs to be working as a team.  Sean is someone who wants everyone around him to succeed!”

-Jared Lundy, Producer, FLOATING LANTERNS


 “… I knew that I was going to get a high-caliber performance from this actor, but what I wasn’t prepared for was for how easy-going, fun and accommodating he was to work with. He was a real joy to have on the set and made my life, as director, so much easier.”

- Kathi Carey, Director, WORTH


"I love working with Sean Michael. Not only is he extremely talented, creative and fun, but he is a supportive member of the team. He is extremely professional such a pleasure to work with. I'm casting him in everything I do...even the mom roles."

- Tamar Kummel, CCO Captain Purple Productions. 


"Improv Actor of the Year... Impressive performances" 
- DramaBeat Newspaper 

"The most humorous cast member, Sean Michael Boozer... Funny stuff"

 - The Argonaut Newspaper

“Working with Sean Michael Boozer is a complete pleasure. Not only did he go above and beyond for our production, but he came to set prepared and most importantly able to get very personal with his characters. His attitude and presence is a pure delight while always maintaining focus on the scene at hand. It would be a honor to work with him again.”

- Alan de la Rosa, Producer, TARGETING


“Boozer is a versatile, intense, and personal actor who isn't afraid of taking risks and communicating with the director. i would work with you again in a heartbeat.”

- Tarique Qayumi, Director, TARGETING


“Sean Michael Boozer is the definition of professionalism. He's always prepared and consistently delivers. And he's hilarious... I bring him in every chance I get. “

- Laurie Records, Casting Director, CCDA


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